Konnect Fastening Systems™


As part of Coventry Group Ltd, Konnect Fastening Systems® is a leader in the fastener supply industry, with a proud history of servicing the mining, construction, petrochemical, industrial and manufacturing industries.

The business has operated in Australia in various forms since 1912 when FJ Sweetman first started trading in Western Australia. Since this time Konnect Fastening Systems® has evolved into Australia’s Fastener Specialist by combining some of the best known independent fastener companies around the country including Universal Fasteners, Sweetman Fasteners, Queensland Fasteners and Top End Fasteners.

Konnect Fastening Systems® has an expansive network throughout Australia and New Zealand with branches in all states and territories and 5 Distribution Centres to support the Australian branch network. With an immense breadth and depth of product as well as ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems certification for all Australian Distribution Centres, Konnect Fastening Systems® stands out as one of the premier fastener specialists.

Konnect Fastening Systems® places a great emphasis on our ability to deliver:

  • Quality products
  •  Prompt and accurate delivery
  • Quality customer service
  • Technical assistance
  • Specially manufactured products

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